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The use of PET material and improved packaging design ensure high strength and effective use of trays for storage and transportation of food. Our packaging is adapted to the standard cardboard boxes, used in the modern supply chain. We offer the lids of different heights. This allows using the same trays for packaging of small and large fruits.

Packaging is available in standard sizes, which meet the requirements of fruit producers and distributors: 125 g, 250 g, 300 g, 500 g, 750 g and 1000 g. They are perfectly suitable for both automatic and manual packaging.


Product Description

Assortment Capacity Size, mm Packages in a box, pcs Net weight, g Width, mm Length, mm Height, mm Material Packaging arrangement
Packaging TL4-125/36 125 g 130х112х36 600 14 130 112 36 PET With hinged lid
Packaging TL4-300/70 300 g 130х112х70 600 18 130 112 60 PET With hinged lid

Benefits and characteristics of packaging for fruits produced by Alfa-Sintez


  • Protection-Cooling – Storage Plastic trays and lids guarantee the best protection of product during transportation, storage, presentation, and sale. Specially designed air vents provide rapid cooling and air circulation inside the package, prolonging the shelf life of your
  • Ecological standards. The packaging, made of PET films, which has permission for contact with food, confirmed by all sanitary and hygienic conclusions and declarations of conformity, issued by not only Ukrainian certification services, but also the Eurasian and European Unions.
  • Presentation of the product. High transparency of material makes it possible to see the content of the package.
  • Add opportunities. We produce our goods on the modern Italian equipment, which allows making products of any color, thickness for packaging wide range of fresh foods.



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